A Guide to Safe Food Container

A Guide to Safe Food Container

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Preparing meals for your kids to school and even your husband’s lunch requires a container. Just got home from the grocery? We knew it, you’ll need a container to keep the fruits and veggies. Does opening your fridge welcome you to a world of mess? Then, a container can help you with the organization. Yes, we realized that you’ve been also trying to save the leftovers, and you’re keeping them in a container. The first step to all of these is picking out a plastic food container.

Plastic food containers have become the go-to choice for most mothers, wives, and housekeepers. There are a lot of kinds, types, and sizes to choose from. But despite its popularity, not every brand is safe and free from worries! 

For others, being able to just have a container that can hold on food is enough. That factor shouldn’t be the case. In this article, we’ll share with you the things you need to know about safer food storage.

So what makes safe food containers so different from the usual containers in the market? First of, is its BPA-free feature. BPA - Bisphenol A is a chemical formula used in most consumer goods. Having this as an element in food and beverage containers is considered toxic to the body. 

You may wonder, is it really harmful? There have been studies that exposure to BPA has been linked to numerous health problems in the body systems such as in the reproductive, immunity, and neurological. Thus, giving enough reasons to make an effort to avoid it. 

As our brand, Lille Home, pursues to bring love to the table, it also produces plastic food containers that are 100% safe to use for preparing meals and storage of food.

Prepare your hot soups without worries with our Lille Home Lunch Box Set, A Vacuum Insulated Lunch Box. This BPA-free lunch box can keep the food warm for 4 to 6 hours. How cool can it be? We mean, how hot can it be?

For healthier on-the-go meals we have the Lille Home Stackable Stainless Steel Thermal Compartment Lunch/Snack Box that offers more food safety features.


We thought about how you wanted to chat with your family or watch a video while eating, and so we made it happen with its built-in cellphone holder! Lille Home Stainless Steel Stackable Compartment Lunch/Snack Box which comes free with a lunch bag and cutlery set is also BPA-free.

We also have a safe option for your food storage! Lille Home Stackable Produce Saver, Organizer Bins/Storage Containers with Removable Drain Tray can help you declutter and organize your fridge, pantry, countertops, and cabinets.

Our brand continues to live on the purpose of producing food containers and storage that are made safe with love. You can shop more of our products here: https://www.lillehome.com/collections/all

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