At Lille Home, two of our core values are "Premium Quality" and "Excellent Service". That Means we will do everything we can to ensure you are happy with our products.

We want our customers to have the best and most positive experience with our brand ever- out of any brand they’ve ever purchased from. We want that experience to be SO GOOD that they can’t help but tell everyone about it. We want them to recommend our lunch boxes to others because of the quality, our customer service, the fact that the money they spent is going to a small family business that cares, and because it makes their lives and their kids’ lives better and happier. Not only do we want them to like the products but we want them to become raving, fanatical fans of our company and the products we sell.

We have sold thousands of lunch boxes to Amazon customers.  Our lunch boxes use only premium quality material, BPA free and eco-friendly.  As it is always true that no product is perfect, we have tried our best to improve our products.  And we provide the best customer service to our customers.  No matter what problem they encounter, we always work with them provide a solution!