about us

LilleHome, a family owned business, has manufactured different styles of food containers and received lots of love from its customers. Whether they are preparing food, serving lunch, or simply storing snacks, our brand has been a reliable supplier of lunch boxes. We want to reach more people and share the perks of using our products. 


I am a mom of two kids. I always give the best for my family, and for my kids, I usually cook homemade food for them to bring hot lunch to school. It's important to me that they eat nutritiously. But, making food is not enough. I needed food storage that would keep my kids’ food warm until lunchtime. Finding the right container became a challenge to me until I found a stackable bento box in China in 2017. However, there was still something I wanted for a lunch box. It gave me an idea to make my version.

From struggling to identify the best food container to starting a business. What a golden opportunity for a mom! Today, Lillehome has sold thousands of lunch boxes to Amazon customers.

We strive to produce first-rate products and excellent customer support. As it is always true that no product is perfect, we put our best effort into continuously improving our products. Also, we go all out in providing great customer service because we value those who choose our products.


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