5 Tips for Prolonging Food Shelf Life

5 Tips for Prolonging Food Shelf Life

Food is essential in our home. As these are in dire need of consumption in our every day, they also have to be maintained fresh and readily available for our appetite. With the need of our body for food, it is important that we consume it fresh. Thus, proper food storage is one thing that people often miss out on their produce.

Here are 5 tips on how to prolong the shelf life of your daily bites:

1. Freeze your fresh produce. 
Poultry, seafood, and other fresh meat must be frozen to prolong their freshness. They can last up to days and months depending on the temperature of the freezer. Make sure to store them in an airtight container to provide enough temperature to keep them fresh.

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2. Dry your products. 
It might seem ironic as it was previously mentioned that frozen goods can prolong shelf life, but other fresh produce such as vegetables and fruits need to be dried to prolong their shelf life. Preventing moisture from these goods in storage in compartments can help preserve these vegetables for your next meal.

Tip: Lille Home Stackable Containers has a drain tray in it to dry your fresh produce when you store it. In addition, it comes in several sizes to help you pick the storage suited for your goods.  Lille Home Plastic Organizers are BPA-free and durable for you to use as a multi-purpose compartment for your kitchen and home. 

3. Preserve your goods.
Keeping homemade preserves not only tastes good but is also essential for preventing food from easily spoiling. You can add vinegar or salt to preserve your food, ready to serve as is or mixed in for your next meal.

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4. Try batch cooking.
Cooking meals in batches would enable you to consume them for a long time. This will also help you save up as you will be able to plan ahead your meals.

Tip: Lille Home Stackable Produce Saver, Organizer Bin has non-slip exteriors, helping you store your batch-cooked meals without leaking unnecessarily. It even comes in sets of three to help you store more. 

5. Keep food airtight.
Airtight containers help preserve your food by preventing moisture from exposing your food. Thus, it would be a great help to store your food in airtight containers and in their prescribed temperatures.

Tip: Lille Home Airtight Food Storage Container  will help you just do the trick. It also comes in different sizes to store foods neatly and with ease.

Prolonging the shelf life of foods not only gives us an advantage in our pockets but is also perfect for our health and wellness. Thus, consumption of these goods must never be compromised. 

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